Terese Bergfors

Research Engineer

Terese Bergfors

Research Engineer

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University

Terese’s area of research is protein crystallization. She is a part of the structural biology group  at Uppsala University where she has headed the crystallization activities since 1984.  In addition to running the facility, she expresses, purifies and crystallizes proteins as part of a drug discovery program. She has edited two books on protein crystallization and she served as a co-editor for 11 years at Acta Crystallographica Section F, an IUCr journal for crystallization communications.


Courses and workshops

 at Uppsala University.

I also teach at other university venues throughout the year and these courses are listed here.

Crystallization tutorials

Learn to recognize the different crystallization phenomena.


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How to order the 2nd edition book

Third edition coming in December 2021 as a downloadable e-book.

Stay tuned.


Terese Bergfors

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