Appearances can be deceiving


Beauty is only skin deep

The first thing you should learn is that the appearance (habit, morphology, etc.) of your crystal is NOT what is important. Beautiful looking crystals may not diffract and really ugly crystals might diffract excellently. The only definitive proof of a "GOOD" crystal is its diffraction pattern in the X-ray beam. Therefore, do not be misled by the appearance of your crystal--mount it and check it in the beam.


Which crystals diffract best?

Don't be fooled by appearances. These crystals may look nice, but they don't diffract.

These are ugly. In fact they are so ugly you probably wouldn't even bother to mount them. But do not get fooled as they might diffract to 1.6Å.

Moral of the story: don't always go by the appearances of your crystals. It is the X-ray diffraction pattern that counts.

With that said, you can now continue the tutorial on interpreting your crystallization drop.