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Appearances can be deceiving.

Tutorial 1

Beauty is only skin deep as the saying goes.

Types of precipitates

Tutorial 2
How do you tell a good precipitate from a bad one?

Gels, spherulites, phase separations

Tutorial 3

Many types of solid phases of protein can occur in the drops.

Crystals with problems

Tutorial 4
Here are some of the problems that occur.


Tutorial 5
Seeding is a powerful optimization tool and my personal favorite.

Ostwald ripening

Tutorial 6
Crystals can sometimes grow from a precipitate.


Tutorial 7
When it comes to optimization, there are many options.


Tutorial 8
Recognize things that don’t belong in your drops.

UV images

Tutorial 9
New material on its way here. Come back next week.

Clear drops

Tutorial 10
When is nothing something?


Tutorial 11

Here are some beautiful crystals to look at.

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